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CHINLY Pool Light

The chiny pool light is an innovative light source that blinkist hasjumped into the pool with you. This stylish and light-based pool light features a water-resistant light bulb with a 25w rgb compatible bulb. The light is ideal for using as a night light or light up your pool in perfect view.

S Bulb Ac12v Par56 25w Rgb Remote Swimming Led  Waterproof N

Pool Lights Bulb AC12V Par56


USD $46.04

S Bulb Ac12v Par56 25w Underwater Lighting

RGB Remote Swimming LED Pool


USD $87.42

S Power Supply Ac12v 40w-600w Led Switch Driver Transformer

LED Pool Night Lights Power


USD $35.28

S Rgbw Wall Hang Led Underwater Light Kit Dc12v 16w
Ing Dc12v 16w Rgbw Wall-mounted Underwater Ip68 Waterproof L

LED Pool Lighting DC12V 16W


USD $290.91

S +controller Ac12v Sl-7001 1.5m

NEW 18W LED RGB Underwater

By Unbranded

USD $34.30

S Wall Mounted + Controller

1.5M AC12V 18W LED RGB

By Unbranded

USD $45.06

S Spa Underwater Light Ip68 Lamp 1600lm Usa

18W AC12V RGB Swimming LED

By Unbranded

USD $82.05

S Wall Mounted Remote Control Us

AC12V 18W LED RGB Underwater

By Unbranded

USD $44.03

Free Shipping CHINLY Pool Light

The chinly chinamunk pool light is a great addition to any pool. With its rgb remote swimming led pool lights bulb, you can put this light anywhere in your pool, and control it with your phone.
the chinly pool light is a stylish and efficient way to help signalling and lighting up a pool. It is a high power led pool light with an height of 600mm and width of 100mm. It features a stylish red and black finish and a stylish knot in the beam. The light can be controlled with a 3- conductor power cord and a 40-watt power supply. The chinly pool light is available in two colors: red and black.
this is a lights kit for the chinly pool. It features a led pool swimmer light and a underwater light. It is perfect for underprivileged people to see in the dark.